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Feeling Yourself


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Personal style. Bold confidence. Driving toward a goal. What do they all have in common? They start on the inside.

The Catalyst Style & Confidence Course combines inner work designed to inspire you to live and express yourself more authentically, with expert personal styling. The result? An empowered you stepping into confidence and boldy pursuing your goals.

Are you ready to show up to your life as your truest, most stylish self?



Work With Me

“Oh, hell yeah!”

Angela O.

“I immediately felt more confident in the way I looked. Seeing that change in the mirror parlayed itself into motivation in other parts of my life.”


“Before working with Rachel, I was stuck in comparison. I’d see someone who looked nicely dressed and feel frumpy. It affected my confidence and how I felt regarded. Chasing after it was a time, money and energy suck. Taking space for me and investing in my style alleviated that and let me build confidence authentically.”


“If I can feel comfortable and “good” in Covid clothes, I can only imagine how good it’ll be when I have more to work with. Gosh.”


“Recreating someone’s style when I saw a Pin never felt like me. I always had a hard time feeling like I could infuse my style into that. Now I’m confident in my own style and feel like myself getting dressed.”

“I didn’t realize what I was missing when I didn’t feel like the outside world saw the inner me. Now my appearance and how I carry myself are transformed.”


“Coaching has helped me realize that taking moments for myself and feeling whole with the little I have going for me stylistically actually keeps me centered on the greater goal of changing my entire life view. Not just the clothes on my back.”


“Thank you for this journey Rachel! I don’t want to stop”



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