Even the best outfits and the brightest energy can use some support. I’ll keep this list updated with my favorite style tools and inspirational resources.

Like magical, grown-up school supplies, these goodies help The Catalyst Course students kill it with style and confidence:

Journal – For All Those Outfit Diary Entries
Colored Pencils – For All Those Goals You’ll Set
Tape Measure – For All The Best Styles for Your Body
Garbage Bags – For All Those Clothes You’ll Clear Out
Color Wheel – For All Those New Outfits You’ll Create

Styling Tools
These are the photo set-tested styling tools I personally use to keep my clothes looking extra sparkly.

The Best Lint Rollers

When a photo crew is waiting on you to finish lint rolling, speed counts. These move and tear easily while getting the lint off. There are a heavy duty and furniture versions pet owners may prefer, but I find these do just fine.

Braza Double Stick Fashion Tape
Unike pre-cut strips, I love you can customize the length of this perfect-amount-of-sticky tape.

Some of my fave uses:
• To keep buttons from gaping
• To prevent straps from slipping
• To hold collars the right amount of open
• To keep cuffs in place under jackets

Hollywood Deodorant Removing Sponge
This long-lasting sponge removes more than pesky deodorant marks. It’s also a great tool to remove makeup and dirt smudges.

Good Lines Boob Tape
I’m a D-cup and this stuff holds. Because I’m a lazy D-cup, I love the pre-cut cups, but the tape is especially great for to customize shapes for more complicated neckline/cutout/strap situations.

Pro tip: Watch the how to apply and remove video and do what they say to make applying easy and avoid pain especially the part about…

Nipple Covers
Two categories of favorites:
1. Hollywood No-Show Concealers
Great for under boob tape. I don’t think they are the best for smooth lines.

2. Hollywood Silicone Reusable Coverups
If you’re able to get away without wearing a bra, these are the best for concealing and creating smooth lines. I especially love they are available in many skin tones and are reusable.

Pill Removers
Sweater shavers have never worked for me and I still rely on and love these simple hand tools for removing pills from clothing. This combo set has two levels of removing power, the finer comb for delicate knits and cashmere and the rougher for other fabrics. The metal combs last a long time and– special bonus as someone who travels a ton– they’re easy to pack!

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